for Mathematica

Download and Install

Release version

The first release of SimulationTools is available for download:

You will also need the h5mma HDF5 reader for Mathematica:

Extract each of these into the Mathematica Applications directory. To find the correct location of this directory on your system, run the following command in Mathematica:

  FileNameJoin[{$UserBaseDirectory, "Applications"}]

Unfortunately, although SimulationTools is designed to be platform independent, it is not currently fully supported on Windows. There is an open issue which keeps tracks of what is needed before Windows support will be available.

We recommend that you join the SimulationTools Users' Mailing List where you can discuss the package and report problems.

Development version

The development version can be downloaded using Git from BitBucket.

Change to the Mathematica applications directory. On Mac OS:

  cd $HOME/Library/Mathematica/Applications

and on Linux:

  cd $HOME/.Mathematica/Applications

Clone the BitBucket SimulationTools Git repository:

  git clone --recursive

Since the development version of h5mma must be compiled from source, it is usually much easier to use the release version of h5mma from the tarball above. If you want to use the development version of h5mma, see its BitBucket page, along with instructions for compiling (this can be complicated due to the dependencies).