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Introduction to SimulationTools

SimulationTools is a suite of Mathematica packages for analysing data from numerical simulations.  It has been designed for use with common output formats used by the Cactus code, with a focus on the field of Numerical Relativity and the Einstein Toolkit, but is general enough to be useful also in other contexts.


SimulationTools is available as a tar.gz file containing the SimulationTools application directory.  The SimulationTools directory should be placed in ~/Library/Mathematica/Applications on Mac OS, and ~/.Mathematica/Applications on Linux.  The h5mma HDF5 reader is also required; the h5mma directory should also be placed in the Mathematica Applications directory.

Loading SimulationTools

Once SimulationTools has been installed in the Mathematica Applications directory, it can be loaded like any other application:


Typically, this would be among the first few lines of any notebook in which SimulationTools is used.


SimulationTools is copyright Ian Hinder and Barry Wardell, and is distributed as free software under the GNU General Public Licence version 3.


We request that you acknowledge the use of SimulationTools in any scientific publication, for example with the phrase “We thank Ian Hinder and Barry Wardell for the SimulationTools analysis package”, as well as a citation to the webpage

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